Light Panel Mini

Light Panel Mini


This Light Panel contains 60 bulbs, 660nm and 810nm, 1:1 ration. Each bulb has 5 WATTs of power for a total of 300 Watts! That’s well over 100 j/cm squared at 6 inches away. The unit is encased in iron which makes it extremely durable. The 660, or red light, is great for the skin: acne, sun spots, eczema, psororisis, fine lines, wounds, etc. The 810, or invisible light, penetrates deeper to reach below the skin into lymphatics, muscles, fascia to reduce inflammation/pain, increase healing, repair damaged/degenerative tissues. Use for 10 minutes per site everyday or every couple days.

Please compare to like panels that sell for $695 and have less power.

The unit can be put on 660 or 810, or both at the same time. Comes with stand to place on table or floor as well as a hanger to put on door or wall.

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LED Power: 300W

LED Quantity: 60

LED Chip: 5W

Shell Material: Iron

Lens Angle: 60 degrees

Life Span:50,000 hours

Spectrum: 660nm; 810nm=1:1

Product Size: 17x12x3

Accessory: power cord, stand, and hanging kit